Teaching Time (K – 2nd Grade)

Teaching Time (K – 2nd Grade)


Resource Type: Teaching Time Mini Lessons

Grade Level: Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd

Format:  Digital Download

Duration: 8 activities

Pages: 46

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Teaching the concept of time to my kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students was always one of the most difficult units. No matter how many worksheets we would do, this concept was always a challenge for many. Therefore, over the years I created a variety of individual and team activities that were brain-based and utilized their senses.

This activity packet contains 45 pages and has 8 activities. I have included many analog clock templates to be used in your lessons. I recommend that you print them on sturdy paper and laminate them to allow the students to draw the answers on the clocks themselves with dry erase markers.

The activities I have created call for working as individuals, as well as teams, while you conduct these whole class lessons. Your students will use pretzels, tokens, numbered game cards (templates included), and a board game die to solidify this difficult concept.

These activities not only teach the concept of time, they are also fun. Some of the activities and concepts include:

– Using templates of gates to learn about the shifting hour hand.
– Using numbered cards to learn to tell time to the hour.
– Working with pretzels and partners to learn to tell time to the half hour.
– Working with partners and a before and after die (template included) to create word problems about elapsed time (hours and minutes).
– Using the analog clock templates, tokens, a dice and the minute cards (templates included) to learn about elapsed time.
– Using my own unique “before and after hour” template to learn which way to move on the clock to answer elapsed time word problems.
– Using my “Five Minutes at a Time” charts, tokens, call bells and dry erase markers to calculate elapsed time in 5 minute increments.

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