Just Write: All Year Long – First Grade (Unit 9: Weeks 29 – 33)

Just Write: All Year Long – First Grade (Unit 9: Weeks 29 – 33)


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This digital download is Unit 9: (Weeks 29 – 33) from the Just Write: All Year Long – First Grade curriculum. To preview the other units please click on the links below.


This first grade common core writing curriculum includes everything you will need to teach your daily writing lessons. I have included step-by-step instructions, all templates, reference sheets, and writing samples within this unit.

This download covers Unit 9: Weeks 29 – 33 and is aligned with the Common Core Writing Standards.

Week 29 starts with using a Venn diagram and the class working on an interest survey. It is important that they complete this survey independently. I discovered that if first graders work with a partner to complete an interest survey the answers are identical throughout the survey. First graders enjoy being like their friends. Many of them do not want to be different therefore they all have the same answers. When this occurs, the partners have nothing to write in the dissimilarities section of their Venn diagrams. Writing this week involves description. This is a tremendous opportunity to review the different types of adjectives.

Week 30 integrates the government’s food plate with writing. After studying the required foods for a healthy diet, students will play a game involving food and making choices. This activity makes students aware of the types of food that they should be eating on a daily basis. Next, students work on deciding which foods your body requires for survival and which types of food is considered ‘junk food’ or unnecessary for life’s functions.

Week 31 includes writing activities that are short and descriptive. There are several options available for this week’s writing lessons. First graders can write each page of the “Water Book” about one phase of the water cycle. Students could also study and write about floating and sinking objects or about the importance of the water cycle. Recycling and the conservation of water are two other great writing topics.

During the last part of the week, writers can have fun creating amusing umbrellas, hats, or bags out of construction paper, buttons, feathers, or other art supplies. After constructing these objects, students write short descriptive paragraphs describing their creations. This is an activity that can also take place during the first part of the school year with less proficient writers. I included them at the end of the year because students often have a shorter attention span and need more interaction and movement during the final weeks of school.

Week 32 is a fun week of research about a topic that students know about…their state. Reading books, watching videos, cutting out newspaper and magazine articles, talking to parents and grandparents are some of the great ways that students can learn about the state in which they live. With this topic, writers should focus on aspects of the state that would make a visitor want to visit.

Week 33 is a fun field trip reporting activity. After taking your students on a field trip they will return to the classroom and brainstorm the different things they saw and encountered during the field trip and create their own unique reports based on their experiences.

Each week in this unit includes:

1. An overview of the weeks plan and objective
2. Five writing lessons
3. A spelling activity
4. A grammar or conventions activity
5. All templates needed for the weeks writing activities
6. Instruction or reference sheets covering various topics

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The lessons in this first grade common core writing curriculum are unique, effective, and easy to implement.  Order your copy today and take the guesswork out of writing instruction.


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Title: Just Write: All Year Long – Grade 1 (Unit 9: Weeks 29 – 33)
Author: Kathryn Robinson
Pages: 109
Format: Digital Download
ISBN: 978-1931970174
Common Core Standards: W.1.2, W.1.3, W.1.5, W.1.6, W.1.7, W.1.8

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Common Core Standards Covered:

W.1.2, W.1.3, W.1.5, W.1.6, W.1.7, W.1.8




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