Just Write: All Year Long – First Grade (Unit 2: Weeks 5 – 8)

Just Write: All Year Long – First Grade (Unit 2: Weeks 5 – 8)


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This digital download is Unit 2: (Weeks 5 – 8) from the Just Write: All Year Long – First Grade curriculum. To preview the other units please click on the links below.


This first grade common core writing curriculum includes everything you will need to teach your daily writing lessons. I have included step-by-step instructions, all templates, reference sheets, and writing samples within this unit.

This download covers Unit 2: Weeks 5 – 8 and is aligned with the Common Core Writing Standards.

Week 5 is the beginning of grouping details into main ideas. Using the science topic of edible and non-edible plants, students focus on grouping the pictures into different concepts. If students do not come up with the concept of foods that you can eat or cannot eat as main ideas, read the class a book from the bibliography at the end of this week’s worth of lessons. After reading the book, return to the pictures and discuss grouping them into plants that are edible or non-edible. Throughout the week, read several books on this topic as students are writing about the concept. This background material will be an excellent source of details for student writing.

Week 6 allows writers to work with more than one main idea. I have to be careful not to get caught up with having students always writing about two or three ideas just because it fits in one week’s worth of lessons. Students then begin to think that expository writing always has ‘3’ ideas. Vary the number from time to time or allow students to choose the number that they need to write about to cover the information in their topic. You might be studying animals and the writing will require four or five main ideas for their habitat, their food source, their babies, their predators, or even their habits.

Weeks 7 and 8 model grouping details into main ideas and then writing about them. After reading books and information about the concept of living things and non-living things, students write about the information that they have gathered. These lessons include cutting, pasting, and gluing to brainstorm ideas. Students will write small units of information each day. By slowly adding on to the writing and focusing on one aspect of the writing at a time, writers produce a more developed and elaborated piece of writing.

Each week in this unit includes:

1. An overview of the weeks plan and objective
2. Five writing lessons
3. A spelling activity
4. A grammar or conventions activity
5. All templates needed for the weeks writing activities
6. Instruction or reference sheets covering various topics

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The lessons in this first grade common core writing curriculum are unique, effective, and easy to implement.  Order your copy today and take the guesswork out of writing instruction.


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Title: Just Write: All Year Long – Grade 1 (Unit 2: Weeks 5 – 8)
Author: Kathryn Robinson
Pages: 111
Format: Digital Download
ISBN: 978-1931970174
CCS Covered: W.1.2, W.1.5, W.1.7, W.1.8

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Common Core Standards Covered:

W.1.2, W.1.5, W.1.7, W.1.8




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