Just Write: With Details & Elaboration (Digital)

Writing Elaboration Activities | 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Grade
Descriptive Writing Activities, Lesson, Prompts - 2nd - 6th GradeDescriptive Writing Activities, Lesson, Prompts - 2nd - 6th GradeDescriptive writing lessons activities

Just Write: With Details & Elaboration (Digital)



Resource Type: Descriptive writing activities

Grade Level: 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th

Format:  Digital Download

Duration: 10 – 15 minutes per activity

Pages: 150


Product Description

These unique and fun descriptive writing examples, activities, and lessons are perfect for 3rd – 6th grade. After implementing these innovative activities your students will be able to write their own descriptive paragraphs, essays, and stories with ease.

The various writing lessons within this program employ numerous brain-based strategies to teach this skill.

This binder includes complete instructions for each activity as well as all the templates and game cards you will need.

Program includes:

  • 150+ pages of unique writing games and activities not found anywhere else.
  • Multiple workshops aligned with the Common Core Standards
  • Numerous descriptive writing prompts throughout
  • Lessons improving the quality of proper nouns, verbs, and precise language.
  • Activities specific to expository, narrative, and persuasive writing.
  • Lessons on how to create descriptive paragraphs, essays and stories.
  • Numerous hands-on and physically interactive activities
  • All the activities in this binder were developed and tested in actual classrooms across multiple grade levels.
  • Activities that supplement our incremental grade specific writing programs.
  • Brain-based strategies utilizing music, movement, and interaction
  • Multiple reference and topic lists to encourage elaboration and details in your students writing

This book contains over 150 pages of activities.  Order your copy today!

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Just Write: With Details & Elaboration – Hard Copy

Item #: DE01D…$27.95
Title: Just Write: With Details & Elaboration
Author: Kathryn Robinson
Pages: 150
Format: Digital Download
ISBN: 978-1931970334

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