How To Write With Details & Elaboration

How To Write With Details & Elaboration


Resource Type: Writing Mini Lessons

Grade Level: 3rd – 6th grade

Format:  Digital Download

Duration: 2 unique activities

Pages: 21



This packet contains two unique hands-on descriptive writing activities for 3rd through 6th grade students.

The first activity, Spice It Up, is designed to help students during a quick editing process (such as during a writing assessment) to replace their ‘run of the mill’ vocabulary with more effective word choices to influence the reader. This activity has students working in teams with the vocabulary cards (templates included) to create a list of synonyms to improve their writing.

The second activity, Cut & Paste, teaches students where and how to elaborate both in their own writing and others. This activity provides sample paragraphs that are missing information allowing for the students to pinpoint specific areas to elaborate. This is a step-by-step activity that shows students where to highlight and cut their papers in order to allow for more descriptive details.

We have included writing paper templates, images, and any reference information you will need to conduct these workshops.

We hope your students enjoy these writing activities and as always if you have any questions please let us know!


These activities come straight from our Just Write with Details & Elaboration writing activity book.  Click here to preview the entire program.


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