Expository Writing Activities, Lessons, & Grammar (4th – 7th Grade)

Expository Writing Activities, Lessons, & Grammar (4th – 7th Grade)

* Resource Type: Daily Expository Writing Curriculum

* Grade Level: 4th, 5th, 6th, & 7th

* Format:  Three Ring Binder

* Duration: 11 Weeks (Daily Lessons)


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This expository writing curriculum for 4th – 7th grade contains everything you will need in one complete program. This research based writing program is aligned with the Common Core Writing Standards and contains 11 weeks of daily expository writing lessons, activities, prompts, grammar practice, a rubric, and so much more.

This program includes numerous lessons that include music, food, movement, manipulatives, and more to teach expository writing to your students.

This program comes complete with a teacher’s manual that includes 11 weeks of detailed instruction, along with a teacher’s edition CD-ROM containing all the daily writing lesson sheets in color for your Smart Board or other device, as well as one student workbook containing the reference, homework, and activity sheets your students will need.

This writing program includes:

  • 11 weeks of daily expository writing instruction (300+ pages)
  • Each week includes:
    • 1. An overall plan for the week
    • 2. Five complete writing lessons
    • 3. All reference sheets and templates needed for the weekly writing lessons
    • 4. List of vocabulary words for the week
    • 5. A sheet with multiple oral prompts
    • 6. Two sentence practice worksheets
    • 7. A writing activity with all templates needed
    • 8. Two homework worksheets

Along with the items above, this curriculum also includes:

  • Sentence and paragraph writing activities
  • Introductory and concluding paragraph lessons
  • Descriptive writing activities and transitional techniques
  • Brainstorming lessons and charts
  • Graphic organizer templates and lessons
  • Daily and weekly homework activities
  • Weekly journal writing ideas
  • Many samples of actual student writings, from all levels, to use for assessment
  • 4th – 6th grade writing rubric

To view the table of contents and sample writing workshops please click on the link below.

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DIGITAL DOWNLOAD – Teachers Pay Teachers

HARD COPY – Amazon


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Kathryn Robinson


– Teacher’s Manual (450 pages – three ring binder) – Teacher’s Edition CD-ROM – 1 Student Workbook (284 pages – perforated & double sided print)



Common Core Standards Covered:

W.4.1, W.4.2, W.4.4, W.4.5, W.4.7, W.4.8, W.4.9, W.4.10, W.5.1,W.5.2, W.5.4, W.5.5, W.5.7, W.5.8, W.5.9, W.5.10, W.6.1, W.6.2, W.6.4, W.6.5, W.6.7, W.6.8, W.6.9, W.6.10


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