Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

The following reviews are from customers who have bought our products over the years and
also from schools where we have conducted professional development workshops.


Just Write: A Sentence Reviews

“This is really great! Thanks.”  — kvalentine – TeachersPayTeachers Customer 

“Kids are writing super sentences now!”  — plumbcrazy – TeachersPayTeachers Customer

“This is going to be such a great resource. I am going to use this over and over.”  — gomima – TeachersPayTeachers Customer 

Just Write: A Paragraph Reviews

“Great resource!”  – Deborah – TeachersPayTeachers Customer 

“Anxious to try it! Received it very fast….Thanks!”  — Julie S. – TeachersPayTeachers Customer

“LOVED”  – Taran – TeachersPayTeachers Customer

“So many great activities. Excited to use them.” – TeachersPayTeachers Customer

“LOTS of great ideas for paragraph writing! Thx” – Karen S. – TeachersPayTeachers Customer

“So excited to begin the year with this amazing resource!” – Jaculine – TeachersPayTeachers Customer

Many more to come………..