About Us

About Us

Kathryn Robinson - Author, Publisher

Kathryn Robinson

WriteMath Enterprises was started in the mid 1990’s by Kathryn Robinson after spending 25+ years in the classroom.  She started WriteMath in order to share the materials she had created over the years. Kathy spent many years teaching in international schools in Germany, Pakistan, Bangladesh as well as throughout the United States.

Because of a scarcity of materials overseas, Kathy developed the Just Turn & Share math center series, along with the Just Write writing materials, for use in her international classrooms.  These materials were so successful, both internationally and domestically, that she was asked to compile her materials and make them available for purchase. The popularity of Kathy’s materials and infectious teaching methods snowballed, causing Kathy to leave the classroom and create her own corporation.

Since the formation of the corporation, Kathy has been able to recruit a number of highly qualified teachers to conduct in-services throughout the country to teach the extremely effective WriteMath method. They have conducted hundreds of individual school and district-wide in-services. Along with school in-services, WriteMath frequently presents at regional and national NCTM and IRA conferences that are held each year.

Aside from providing extensive training, WriteMath also sells over 40 different teachers texts, manuals, and centers. Their topics run the gamut of writing, math, language arts, and games.  All of WriteMath’s materials include any templates a teacher may need, as well as detailed explanations on how to teach each lesson. WriteMath understands the limited time teachers have each school day, so all of their materials include everything you will need to teach each lesson. WriteMath believes in making learning fun for students, while at the same time teaching concepts in a variety of ways in order to cater to each students learning abilities.

The Just Turn & Share and the Just Write series challenges, invigorates, and motivates students in the classroom. WriteMath materials are being used in over 1,000 elementary schools in 47 states with enormous success.